News from Grace Lutheran Church

Support our youth at Culver’s on March 16th!

Support the Grace Lutheran Church Youth Group as they travel to this summer’s “Bread of Life” Higher Things Conference. Here’s the flyer: Grace Youth Family Day Flyer. Please print and share with coworkers, friends, and neighbors.

Or cut out the coupon, sign it and present it to the cashier at the time of your purchase. The cashier will keep track of the amount of all coupon sales to determine the donation to your organization. If someone should happen to forget the flyer, just mention this to their cashier.…


Announcement of the Moveable Feasts of 2016 A.D.

Traditionally connected with Epiphany was the publication on January 6 of the annual letter of the bishop of Alexandria announcing the date of Easter for the current year. The scholars of Alexandria were considered most competent to make the difficult computations and observations necessary to determine this date, and thus the whole East followed their findings, which were sent to all churches by the bishop. In the sixth century, the same procedure was adopted in the West. During the Middle Ages the dates of other movable feasts observed in the Church were added to the date of Easter and all of them announced to the people on Epiphany.


Car Wash and Yard Sale

Help support the youth of Grace Lutheran Church


SATURDAY, August 29, 2015
10am – 1pm

Grace Lutheran Church
8303 Sheffield Ave Dyer, IN

The youth of Grace Lutheran Church are raising funds to help
them attend the “Higher Things” youth conferences.
Please bring your vehicle for a wash.
There will also be items for sale from the preschool. These include
materials and furniture pieces.


Special Presentation from Missionary Michael Ritzman



This past Sunday after Divine Service, we had the privilege of hearing a presentation from Michael Ritzman on being sent as missionaries to Papua New Guinea. You can read an interview with Michael here. Follow their latest news here. Finally, consider supporting their work financially.


Rejoicing Together on the Feast of the Ascension

This past Thursday, Grace had the privilege of hosting the combined Ascension service for the Hammond Circuit of the Indiana District (LCMS). We welcomed guest choir director and organist Matt Machemer from the Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne. We were joined by 26 choir members from here and throughout the circuit. Seven pastors participated. Over 100 attended to receive the Lord’s gifts! Thanks to all who assisted in preparing for the meal for the choir, the deserts afterwards, and all that needed to happen behind the scenes.…



HELP US WIN $1,000: Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF)—the LCMS financial entity that provides loans for ministry—is giving away $3,500 to LCMS congregations in the our District this March. Help our congregation win up to $1,000 by taking the “LCEF Trivia Challenge” between March 1 and March 23. You can take the quiz online at Thanks for your consideration! Be sure to use the Google to help you find answers.…