Our Volunteers


President: Ray Machtemes

The President shall be a male member and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and shall be an elder and ex-officio member of all committees and organizations.


Vice-President: Rick Deam

In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice-President, who shall be a male member, shall succeed to the office of President for the remainder of the term. The Vice-President shall preside over meetings and serve in the absence of the President as Parliamentarian and as an Elder.


Chief Elder: Ray McQuiston

The chief elder, who shall be a male member, assisted by the President and Vice-President shall assist the pastor in all meetings pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation and make every effort to induce members who have been negligent in their attendance at services, in the use of the Sacraments, and the financial support of the church, to amend their sinful ways and fully enjoy the rights and privileges of their membership.


Secretary: Debbie Soltesz

The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors for the permanent records of the congregation and shall perform such other duties in keeping with the office.


Treasurer: Joy Rucinski

The Treasurer pays all authorized bills, keep accurate records of the receipts and disbursements of the congregation with monthly reporting and an annual audit.


Property Director (Trustee): Mark Janiga

It shall be the duty of the Property Director to administer and maintain all property belonging to the congregation; to negotiate contracts; accept and receive grants and bequests; sign documents; appear in court; in short to transact all the business of the congregation assigned to the Property Director.


Auxiliary Director: Lori Wolfrum

The Auxiliary Organization Director is the coordinator and liaison for the Youth, Women’s Society, Altar Guild or any new groups or auxiliary organizations that may be formed.

Evangelism Director:  Kenneth Wolfrum

It shall be the duty of the Evangelism Director to: plan, promote, and carry out an evangelism program in the congregation and in the community, integrate new members into the life and work of the church.

Social Welfare Director: Vacant

The Social Welfare Director brings the needs of individuals in the congregation, local agencies, community, of the aged, of the sick, and of the poor to the congregation with recommendations for action and solicit support for them.

Director of Education: Vacant

The Director is to provide learning opportunities for all age levels, administer the Sunday School, and oversee the preschool school and its board.

Congregational Planning Director: Vacant

The Congregational Planning Director promotes, projects, and facilitate sall future building programs of the congregation; represent, coordinate and plan all programs designed to present the best image of the Lutheran Church in the community; handle and supervise all publicity for the congregation.

Stewardship: Vacant

It shall be the duty of the Stewardship Director to: Discover the talents of the membership and enlist them in the congregational program, give the congregation a clear vision of the World’s need of Christ and how they can supply that need, instruct the people in the grace of proportionate giving to God’s work in their own parish and in the world.

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